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We have a collection of paintings, calligraphies, art collections of nobilities, and old articles on display throughout the ryokan.

Please contact our staff if there is a certain item you wish to see, keeping in mind that some of the items are not available for viewing as they are exhibited in guest rooms.

Paintings / Woodblock / Carved wooden figure

Author: Tsukimaro Kitagawa
Author: Yumeji Takehisa
Author: Shuichi Shirota
Author: Shigeo Miyao
Author: Suiho Tagawa
Author: Shiko Munakata
Author: Rokuro Taniuchi
carved wooden figure of falcon
Carved wooden figure of dragob
Author: Hekigoto Kawahigashi
Author: Yumeji Takehisa

Calligraphy / Paleographies

Kusatsu Onsen Text
Author Hekigoto Kawahigashi
Author: Yasumasa Fukushima
Author: Gyofu Soma
Author: Yumeji Takehisa
Author: Fusetsu Nakamura
Author: Shozan Sakuma

Old Articles

Water Pot
Serving tray
Incense burner and Japanese lacquer tray
Illustrated large plate
Kettle for the tea ceremony
Bowls for the tea ceremony
Bamboo flute
Japanese lute and drum