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Onsen Hot Springs

The water is directly delivered from Yubatake that is recognized as the best water of Kusatsu Onsen. Please relax and get healed in the pure natura onsen. It is available for 24 hours. (only for the staying guests)

Positive Effects of this Onsen for chronic skin disease, arterial sclerosis, incised wound, burn injury, physically weak children, chronic gynecological disease

Conditions bathing is not advised for Who are sensitive skin and membrana mucosa (especially light-sensitive patients)

Bathroom for Gentlemen

Large bath inside and cozy outdoor bath

Bathroom for Ladies

2 bath with diffrent temparature and size


Entrance to the bathroom
Changing Room (The photo is of the one for gentlemen.)
Built with Japanese cypress. The grilled windows and open-timbered roof with thick log are atmospheric.

Opening HoursAvailable for 24 hours (Only for the guests staying in the Ryokan)

Important Reminders about Bathroom

  • No clothes, including underwear and swimsuits are available in the bath.
  • Wash yourself thoroughly before getting into the bathtub.
    (Sit down on the chair and shower thoroughly.)
  • Do not put towels in the bathtub.
  • Do not run or swim in the bath.
    Taking photographs and video are not allowed. Do not wash your clothes in the bath.
  • Wipe your body before getting back to your locker.
    Caution: Avoid bathing right after or before dining and especially drinking alcohol.